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Marco Salem

Custom Jewelery Designer 

"Let your jewelery reflect the treasure within."

"Love is the adventure we take into each other's souls"


Our Love

"When we connect to Love, we become  grounded, and flow with the creative energy of source."       

 A wedding ring helps us capture our beautiful memories, offers a sense of belonging, and is a powerful reminder that we have someone, who truly loves us.

The circular shape of a ring is the most harmonious of mystical symbols of life. It is known that shapes and symbols have power over our well-being. Just as the Universe is built upon Sacred Geometry, accessing its vibrational powers by placing it on our finger is truly empowering on a molecular level. There is something about a diamond that makes us feel valuable, worthy and special


Nurturing Beautiful Relationships

 Our relationships help us discover who we truly are. We get to embark on an adventure of self-discovery through the discovery of our chosen life-partner. We help reveal and reflect the immense love that resides within. We aspire to bring out the best in each other. A diamond is a reminder of the jewel that you are, and symbolises the uniqueness, beauty, magic and purity of our souls. There is something wonderful about having someone special, who also makes us feel special. Our confident shines through as we deal with  the rest of the world, with a twinkle in our eyes. Since love magnifies our emotions, we want to become the fuel for  love, success, and abundance. 

This is what we believe to be true, and; therefore, affirming our love is the core intention that our work is based upon. We hope to inspire you to love more, affirm the best within you and within the other, and maintain stellar intentions for a precious life. 


Our Vow

We vow to create unique jewellery for you that reflects your vision and, love . We want you to have a valuable piece you would cherish for life, and pass it on as treasure to your offspring.. Our jewellery is crafted with love, using the finest quality as we continuously raise our standards.  We want our highly esteemed clients to feel the same pride, while wearing their custom-made pieces. We also hope you will be part of our family  for many years to come.

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