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Unique Custom Designs


My love affair with jewellery began many decades ago. Diamonds inspired me to better understand the process of life and love. I embarked on a journey to unearth my inner treasure, in order to recognise it in another. When I found my love, together, we wanted to share the beauty and purity of a union between two souls, and help them capture their most beautiful memory by placing it around their finger. Love is the root from which all my work stems, so I am able to custom design your wedding rings based on your personal expression and uniqueness. By gaining insight of my clients and listening actively to their visions, I transform into a piece that would become truly their own. I hope the immense loving energy that goes into the ring, would transfer into the hearts of its bearer, filling them with joy and beautiful reflections.

Jewelry Repair


We understand that the value of your jewellery transcends its monetary value. It's a sentimental piece that carries your most cherished memories. Every piece carries a personal story, and we are here to restore any damage. If you need to replace the stone, resize the ring, or remedy a dent, your prized possession will be revitalised and even cleansed of any traces of wear and tear. Call us for an appointment, and rest assured, your jewellery will land in healing hands. 



Appraisals are not only to inform you of the value of your jewellery, but also to get you acquainted with its history and prospective value. It is best to keep your Jewellery Appraisals up to date, so you maintain its true value.

Whether you need Value, Retail, or Insurance Appraisal, we will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your piece. This includes its replacement value, since its market fluctuate, and is usually on the rise. So, your Appraisal needs to be updated along with the market, to make sure you are receiving the appropriate Insurance Value for it, should you need to make a claim, and avoid being underinsured.

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